Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Apitherapy Conference in Ukraine October 15-16

V Congress of apitherapists and apiconsultants and Ukrainian Beekeepers
with the participation of international experts in the fields of medicine, pharmacy,
apitherapy, beekeeping, cosmetics and food industries

October 15-16, 2015 in Kiev Ukraine
Place: "Institute of beekeeping by P.I. Prokopovich " of National Agrarian Academy of
Science (NAAS) of Ukraine

V Congress of apitherapists and apiconsultants and Beekeepers will take place on 15-16
October 2015 in the "Institute of beekeeping by P.I. Prokopovich " of NAAS
During the Congress we eager to organize and conduct the plenary and breakout sessions,
workshops and round tables to discuss topical problems of medicine, pharmacy, apitherapy,
traditional and alternative medicine:

1. Apitherapy as a scientific field of traditional and alternative medicine.
2. Creation of standardized substances on the basis of bee products and the development of
composition and technology of medicinal api drugs on their basis for the treatment of various
3. Innovative Medicine: Effective direction of traditional and alternative medicine in the
management of biological age and health reserves in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of
diseases, rehabilitation.
4. Achievements of practical medicine: the introduction of effective methods and means during
api toxin therapy in various areas of public health and private practice.
5. Preventive health challenges: the system of prevention of the population, variety of health

We plan to organize round tables, workshops and thematic exhibitions on the following

• Apitherapy against various diseases;
• Technology of processing of bee products;
• Technology of production of apimedication;
• Quality control methods of bee products and apimedication
• Physical health, physical therapy and sports medicine;
• Possibility of health and nutritional care, use of apifood supplements, dietary apitherapy;
• Therapeutical properties of bee products, medical plants and essential oils: Api-phytoaromatherapy

• Condition and prospects of development of homeopathic apimedications;
• Subjective issues of Bee stings therapy;
• Theoretical and practical aspects of chiropractic apitherapy ;
• Bio-energy informational technology of improvement and extension of the life of people

Organizing Committee: Nikolai Gevelyuk
Mobile ph: +38-098-876-16-33 +38-067-955-50-83
English speaking +38-097-808-26-09

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