Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Does Natural Honey-Containing Fructose have Benefits to Diabetic Patients?

Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences 23(2):86 · March 2016

A  systematic  review  and  meta-analysis  by Cozma  et  al.  (4)  resulted  in  some  important findings  with  respect  to  the effect  of fructose  in diabetic  patients.  The  authors  concluded  that compared  to  other  carbohydrates,  fructose  has greater long term benefits for improving glycemic control  and  has no  effect on  insulin  and fasting glucose.  Moreover,  unlike  the  work  of  Bahrami et  al.  (3),  this  study  showed  improvements  in HbA1c levels as a result of fructose consumption. However,  this  review  has  several  limitations, including the short duration (less than 12 weeks) and relatively low quality of most trials analyzed. Thus, larger and longer studies are recommended.

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