Saturday, November 11, 2017

Propolis Prevents Biodegradation of Natural Rubber

Propolis as an antidegradant and biocidal agent for natural rubber

Journal of Applied Polymer Science

First published: 7 November 2017

The numerous applications of polymers in many areas of our lives make it necessary to protect them from aging. Increases in the safety and time of polymer material exploitation demands the application of antidegradants with broad scopes of action.

In this study, crude propolis, originating from two geographical regions of Poland, was used to protect peroxide-cured natural-rubber vulcanizates filled with silica or carbon black from degradation by oxygen, ozone, and microorganisms. Thermogravimetry analysis confirmed the stability of propolis under the curing conditions. From vulcametric torque measurements and determinations of the mechanical properties, we determined that the incorporation of propolis did not adversely affect the performance of the natural-rubber vulcanizates.

The addition of propolis to the rubber mix made the vulcanizates resistant to thermooxidative and ozone aging and protected them from biodegradation in soil and the action of microorganisms.

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