Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Clinical Trial: The Effect of Royal Jelly Vaginal Gel Compared to IUI Technique on Fertility Rate of Women With Low-Fertility Husbands


Brief Summary:

The present Pocock clinical trial study was conducted In the city of Mashhad in Iran between 2015 and 2016. The study inclusion criteria were men with low fertility of sperm motility < 25% and total motility < 50% (asthenozoospermia), no history of endocrine diseases, no diabetes men, no hormonal problems in their wives, and a healthy salpingography in their wives.

The study subjects were voluntarily assigned to royal gel and IUI groups. In royal gel group, 5 grams of royal gel was used after menstruation and every other night before and after intercourse. IUI group received 75 units of FSH from the second day of the cycle. Then vaginal ultrasound was performed from the sixth day of menstrual cycle to determine the right size of follicle. 10000 units of HCG was administered when follicle diameter reached 16mm, and the study subject was prepared for IUI 32-36 hours later. Each subject alternately swapped groups following fertility failure.

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