Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Propolis Syrup Delayed Radiation-Induced Esophagitis with Lung Cancer

Efficacy of a Propolis-Based Syrup (FARINGEL) in Preventing Radiation-Induced Esophagitis in Locally Advanced Lung Cancer

Chemotherapy. 2018 Mar 19;63(2):76-82


To evaluate the efficacy of a propolis-based syrup, FARINGEL®, in preventing radiation-induced esophagitis in locally advanced lung cancer patients.


Patients were treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CRT) using involved-field radiotherapy (RT). Every patient received FARINGEL at the beginning of CRT until the first follow-up. The data of the study group were compared with the data of a control group treated without the administration of the syrup.


Forty-five patients were enrolled. Forty-one (91.1%) completed the protocol and were evaluable for esophagitis. Grade ≥2 toxicity occurred in 9/41 patients (22%). No differences in overall toxicity were detected between the study group and the control group (n = 55, 60.9 vs. 54.5%; p = ns). Grade 2-3 esophagitis was lower in the study group in comparison with the control group (22 and 38%, respectively), but statistical significance was not reached (p = 0.09). However, the onset of grade ≥2 esophagitis was delayed in the study group compared to the control group, occurring at higher doses of RT (41.8 vs. 25.4 Gy; p < 0.001). Furthermore, the mean number of interruption days for esophagitis was lower in the study group than in the control group (0.6 ± 2.0 vs. 2.1 ± 3.6; p = 0.025).


FARINGEL was well-tolerated and delayed esophagitis that was induced by CRT for locally advanced lung cancer.

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