Thursday, April 12, 2018

Brazilian Green Propolis May Help Treat Colitis

Brazilian green propolis hydroalcoholic extract reduces colon damages caused by dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice


This study investigated the effects of Brazilian green propolis hydroalcoholic extract (BPE) in 3% w/v dextran sodium sulfate (DSS)-induced colitis in mice.

The effects of BPE (3, 30 and 300 mg/kg, p.o, by 7 days) on the morphological (colon length and colon weight), clinical (disease activity index and weight loss), microscopic (histological score and mucin levels) and biochemical parameters were determined. The effects of BPE (300 mg/kg, p.o) in the gastrointestinal transit of mice were also evaluated.

As expected, the DSS ingestion damaged the colonic tissue, lowered the body weight, decreased the mucin levels, increased MPO activity, reduced SOD activity and GSH amount. In contrast, the treatment with BPE (300 mg/kg) significantly reduced macroscopic colonic injury and the mucosal damage in colon on histopathological examination and reversed the decrease in mucin levels induced by DSS. It also significantly normalized the SOD activity and the levels of GSH, but did not elicit any effect on MPO activity in the colon. In addition, BPE did not change the gastric emptying or the intestinal transit rate of mice.

Together, these results suggested that BPE reduced the signs of DSS-induced colitis in mice through maintenance of intestinal mucin barrier and favoring intestinal antioxidant defenses.


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