Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Honey Massage is Safe, Has Detoxifying Effect

Safety and detoxification effect of honey massage

Volume 13 Issue 4 -2020
August 2020

Background: Medical massage has positive health effects during treatments or rehabilitation. Massage with honey said to be useful also for detoxification, for which the evidence is limited.

Aim/Purpose: To study the safety and detoxification effect of honey massage. Does honey massage remove trace elements (e.g. manganese) from the body, which is recommended for daily intake: is honey massage safe? Can honey massage remove harmful elements or compounds from the body? Participants Experiment 1: Two groups are built: One group from Manganese mine worker (3 persons), and none-mine worker (4 persons). All seven-person was evaluated separately. Experiment 2: We built three groups. The first group was consuming bio certified meat and vegetables, the second the bio vegetarian and the third group regular, each group 3 persons.

Research design: The subjects were massaged with honey. During the massage, the texture of the honey changes and absorbs certain substances from the skin (we name it M-honey for Massage-Honey). The composition of the original and M-honey was examined. Main outcome measures: In the first series, we examined M-honey’s for twenty-seven elements, including heavy metals. In the second series, each group’s M-honey was analysed for content of 502 complex chemicals.

Results: Concerning minerals, including manganese, the amount of effluent was so small that the honey massage did not endanger the homeostasis of the body. It was found that the M-honey was able to remove a small amount of Al Ba, Ni, Sr. One group contained the neurotoxic permethrin.

Conclusion: Honey massage has been shown to be safe and to has a detoxifying effect. However, other massage techniques have not been compared to honey massage, so we do not know whether the detoxifying effect is a specific feature of honey massage or is a common feature of several massage techniques.

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