Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Mexican University Researchers Recommend Propolis to Prevent COVID-19/Coronavirus Infection

UNAM scientists recommend taking propolis to prevent COVID – 19 – Very Interesting

Although there is still no medicine to treat COVID-19, UNAM recommends the use of propolis to keep the immune response in check.

The Faculty of Higher Studies Cuautitlán of the UNAM recommended the preventive use of this substance made by bees against COVID-19 and other viral diseases, such as seasonal influenza, thanks to the biological activity it has on viral, fungal and bacterial microorganisms.

Dr. Tonatiuh Cruz Sánchez, head of the Propolis Microbiological Bioprospecting Analysis Laboratory, explained that among the more than 300 chemical compounds observed over a decade of laboratory research, the phenols and flavonoids are responsible for their antimicrobial and probably antiviral action:

“Within the phenols is the phenethyl ester of caffeic acid (CAPE), which acts on polymerase, an enzyme capable of replicating an infectious microorganism, making it an excellent antibacterial. Also, flavonoids contain antioxidants such as pinocembrin and quercetin, which are attributed antiviral activity, “UNAM explained in a statement...

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