Tuesday, May 19, 2009

High-Priced Manuka Honey Produced in Britain

British Beekeeper Charging $144 a Jar for Manuka Honey
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand), 5/19/2009

British beekeepers have imported manuka plants from New Zealand to produce their own version of medicinal manuka honey, which they are selling at £5 ($NZ13) a teaspoonful.

The honey is being produced on the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall.

"At £55 ($NZ144) a small pot, few people will be smearing Tregothnan manuka honey liberally on their breakfast toast any day soon," The Guardian newspaper in London reported.

The estate company claimed the price tag was justified because its 100,000 bees are housed in 20 special hives claimed to be worth £5000 each and have the exclusive run of the garden's manuka bushes.

Tregothnan's garden director, Jonathan Jones, said: "The honey is expensive, but it is Britain's only manuka honey…

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