Sunday, May 17, 2009

Propolis Product Helps Treat Fungal Infections

Using a Natural Product to Treat Fungal Infections
Apitherapy Review, 4/15/2009

Of the innumerable microscopic species of fungi, some cause acute infections. For instance, the Candida type of yeasts can cause septicemias (generalized infections), organ infections, infections of the fingernails or the mouth's mucosa, vulvo-vaginitis, balanitis, or urethritis. The opportunistic yeast Candida albicans lives in the bacterial flora of the human gut. Generally, when intestinal flora is well balanced, the proportion of Candida is of one cell to one million other bacteria. When this balance is disrupted—by overuse of antibiotics, insufficient dietary fiber, or weakened defenses of the alimentary tract—a proliferation of Candida results. This in turn can lead to the general infection known as candidosis.

A natural product, CandiCIDE®, which includes a mix of essential oils and propolis, can alleviate symptoms resulting from an imbalance of yeasts in the organism, in particular in the digestive system.

Brown propolis

Of exceptional quality, this propolis has a concentration of active components as much as ten times that of natural propolis. It has an antimicrobial, mainly antifungal, action and antioxidant effects. It also contains flavonoids: quercetin, artepilin C, pinocembrin, and galangin, with a strong antifungal action; oligoelements, which contribute to cell metabolism; and the phenethyl ester of cafeic acid ( CAPE ), with an anti-inflammatory effect. Together they augment the action of the natural C vitamin, needed by the body to prevent oxidation…

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