Saturday, May 02, 2009

U.S. Honey Producer Offers ‘Allergy Relief Packs’

A Teaspoon of Honey is the New 'Apple a Day'
By Zoe Wood, Truly Obscure, 4/28/2009

Last week it seemed like all of my friends simultaneously recovered from their colds, and I offered all of them the same tried and true advice: local honey. Honey delivers pollen allergens found in the air around your area in small and manageable doses that build up the immune system. This has long been the idea behind naturopathy, but it’s part of mainstream medicine as well. All you have to do is look at the recent article regarding peanut allergies to realize most people’s bodies can develop a tolerance to allergens over time.

I’ve been seeing Marshall’s honey over and over again at Whole Foods. Marshall’s specializes in microclimates in Northern California, and so has very local area blends such as “Marin Wildflower,” “Sonoma Wildflower,” “Napa Valley Honey,” and “Berkeley ‘Buzzerkely’ Wildflower.” They even cater to the allergy season with special allergy relief packs; of which, it’s best to start consuming in winter, before the allergy season hits

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