Wednesday, May 13, 2009

‘Super Manuka’ Australian Honey Launched in UK

Doctors Buzz Over Discovery of ‘Super Manuka’ Honey
Cube Communication, 5/13/2009

Today Australia announced the UK launch of a new ‘Super Manuka’ honey that has twice the potency of any previous manuka honey. The groundbreaking honey, produced from bees that feed off rare coastal ecosystems in sub-tropical Eastern Australia, has already created quite a buzz, being described by one Australian Government report as "The best natural antibiotic in the world".

The antibacterial honey, called ‘Berringa’, has been proven to have remarkable health and medical potential and measurably outstrips its well-known manuka honey cousin from New Zealand. Researchers at the University of Wales, Cardiff, who tested honey from around the world for medicinal properties commented: “The greatest antibacterial effect was seen in the Australian Jellybush honey (Berringa), with New Zealand manuka and pasture honeys also showing effects but at a significant lower level than those seen in Jellybush.”…

Giles Tilley, Director of the Medibioactive Honey Company who produces the honey comments “This is a really exciting product for the medical industry especially at a time when antibiotic resistance to bacteria is becoming a major worldwide problem…”

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