Wednesday, May 06, 2009

UK Shop Offers Line of Apitherapy Products

Beautify Yourself with the Most Natural Ingredients
Press and Journal (UK), 5/2/2009

Family-run Ardross Farm Shop is now offering an amazing selection of natural beauty products to treat your skin.

Raw ingredients such as avocado and honey which are naturally good for your skin can help towards the anti-ageing process and have a number of other benefits.

All the farm shop’s cosmetics are made by Chain Bridge Honey Farm and the main ingredient is honey, which is used as a beauty treat to pamper, nourish, moisturise and relax – and as a great anti-ageing skincare product.

Ardross sells a selection of beauty products containing ingredients including avocado, honey and beeswax – all of which have beneficial properties for the body and skin…

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