Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Eczema Creme Uses Manuka Honey

Honeymark Products Launches New Natural Eczema Creme with Manuka Honey
Honeymark International, 12/4/2006

Honeymark International announced the release of their new product, Eczema Creme, containing Active Manuka Honey. Eczema is a very common inflammatory disease of the skin. Statistics indicate that Eczema affects about 20% of the general population. Eczema causes the skin to become red, dry, scaly and itchy. There is scientific evidence that Manuka Honey is effective in eliminating inflammation, itching and bacteria causing infection. Manuka Honey has been considered a remedy for many health conditions since ancient times. Manuka Honey is unique to New Zealand and contains non-peroxide antibacterial agents which can inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that cause slow healing wounds such as eczema and burns.

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