Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Zealand Apitherapy Firm Buys Manuka Honey Patents

Comvita in Honey Deal with Waikato University
New Zealand Herald, 12/6/2006

Health products company Comvita has reached a deal worth up to $4 million with Waikato University for patents and intellectual property rights associated with manuka honey.

Comvita said today it had entered an agreement with WaikatoLink, the commercial arm of the University of Waikato, for new patents connected with the antibacterial and other properties of manuka honey.

The company had also secured exclusive intellectual property rights for future product development related to the processing, extraction and application of manuka honey's active compound for use in the wound care and skin care fields.

Comvita chief executive Brett Hewlett said the technology would allow precise control over the delivery of the therapeutic components in manuka honey, significantly building on the existing proprietary patents Comvita had in the wound care category.

Comvita's current patents covered the application of manuka honey in technically advanced wound dressings.

"These new patents are related to the extraction and isolation of the actual active component, as well as additional wound gel patents," Mr Hewlett said…

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