Sunday, January 14, 2007

Antioxidant Activity of Honey Comparable with Vitamin E

Antioxidant Capacity of Venezuelan Honey in Wistar Rat Homogenates
Journal of Medicinal Food, 2006 Winter;9(4):510-6

The antioxidant effect of several polyphenolic compounds is well known. However, little is known about the antioxidant capacity of Venezuelan honey, which has a high content of polyphenolic compounds...

We found that this honey has the capacity to decrease significantly the concentration of lipid hydroperoxides and malondialdehyde, produced during the lipid peroxidation process, in a comparable way with other widely studied antioxidants such as melatonin and vitamin E. It was found that the antioxidant activity in the 50% honey dilution, the highest concentration we tested, was equivalent to a concentration of uric acid of 0.62 mM.

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