Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Videos Examine Bee Venom Therapy

Episode 12 - Bee Well with Bee Venom?
TV Episode, Written by Leah Guy, 1/29/2007

Watch Leah and Alan Lorenzo, traveling bee venom therapist ( and you’ll discover how the beneficial sting of a honeybee, and her hive products, can relieve and even heal various spinal, neural or muscular-skeletal ailments. Honeybee venom has provided natural healing to mankind for over 2000 years in ways that traditional medicine cannot. Watch Leah actually sting Alan with a live honeybee for tendinitis in his elbow, and see how easy bee venom therapy can be for affordable healthcare at home. Thanks, again, to Jim and Adam for some fantastic camera close-ups!

Bee Sting Treatments Creat a Buzz

Jan. 23: China's residents swarm to ancient remedy for cheap alternative to cure ailments.'s Kevin Flynn reports.

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