Thursday, January 25, 2007

Propolis Helps in Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis

Periodontitis Treatment with Brazilian Green Propolis Gel
Pharmacologyonline, 3: 336-341 (2006) Cairo do Amaral et al. 336

Summary: Propolis has been shown to exibit in vitro antimicrobial activity against periodontal pathogens. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of Brazilian Green Propolis Gel (BGPG) for the treatment of patients diagnosed with gingivitis and Chronic Periodontitis (CP)…

Dental brushing with BGPG and washing mouth with propolis solution daily was carried through during the treatment. BGPG was applied in each periodontal pocket once a week, during 5 weeks, having used barren dismissable syringe.

The results shown a regression of 95% gingivitis and suppuration in all the teeth irrigated with BGPG, as well as a pocket depths reduction in all unsubmitted and submitted teeth previously to the RAR. It was not observed alveolar bone reorganization. Increase of gingival contractionand dental mobility reduction was noted. In this clinical study, the patient treated with the BGPG showed periodontitis/gingivitis regression. The results suggest that 10% BGPG used could be used as an adjuvant therapeutic method assigned for the treatment of CP. Other studies need to be conducted with more significant number of patients in order to stablish this treatment as an alternative approach for peridontal infectious conditions.

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Dr. Vagner Rodrigues Santos
Faculdade de Odontologia UFMG
Av. Ant̫nio Carlos 6627 РCampus Pampulha
Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais - Brasil – CEP: 31270-901.
Phone: +55 31 34992406 FAX: +55 3134992430

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