Saturday, February 03, 2007

American Apitherapist Treats MS Patient in India

Now, a ‘Sting Operation’ on Multiple Sclerosis Patient
US-based Reyah Carlson, an expert in apitherapy, is treating Vadodara resident using bee venom
Express News Service, 2/2/2007

Vadodara, February 2: VADODARA-based Deepti Waghela is more than happy to be stung by honeybees. The reason: this 40-year-old woman, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, is undergoing apitherapy, an ancient cure, which involves treating disorders with the help of bee venom. Helping her out is 49-year-old Reyah Carlson, an apitherapy expert from the US, who has come all the way to Vadodara to treat Deepti free of cost after the Waghelas contacted her though the internet.

Carlson, who herself was a multiple sclerosis patient, says she has used the therapy on herself, and has had positive results. She now runs an apitherapy clinic in Missouri, US, and claims she has helped around 2,000 other multiple sclerosis patients through the bee-bite treatment…

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