Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Apitherapists, Researchers Asked to Join Malaysian Honey Science Network

Welcome to Honey Science Network

…The medicinal uses of honey have been documented in many civilizations, religions and system of medicine. Honey is popular as a folk medicine when used in its pure from or in combination with herbs and other ingredients. In recent years, honey has been investigated for use in scientific medicine. Some of the most successful uses include control of wound infection, prevention of post surgical wound infections, and in the treatment of burns , diabetic foot, radiation mucositis, sore throat, to name a few. Ophthalmologists, ortorhinolaryngologists, oro dental physicians and dermatologists are exploring its further use in other disease conditions…

This site would be a common platform where surgeons, physicians, oncologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, microbiologists, dentists, pathologists and complimentary medicine practitioners can share their views on the therapeutic uses of honey.

Again, we would like to invite you all to join our team for the development of honey science.

Professor Dr Nor Hayati Othman


Dr Stefan Stangaciu said...

Excellent idea!

Hope the knowledge we will aquire during our experience exchange will become soon common knowledge for the benefit of all human beings on Earth!

Yours all,
Dr. Stefan Stangaciu

Unknown said...

I will be very happy to share the informations about therapeutic ues of honey

best wishes
dr. mamdouh abdulrhman