Sunday, February 11, 2007

Propolis Main Ingredient in New French Flu-Fighter

The Most Natural Antibiotic Ever
Malta Independent, 2/11/2007

Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to that runny nose, uncomfortable cough and all the other relevant unpleasant symptoms? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep yourself and your family in good health even when everybody else is down with the flu or common cold? You can drastically influence the impact of these viruses on your health and well being. Stop this misery by resorting to a food supplement that is not only a natural antibiotic, but also has natural antiviral properties.

Propolis is the most natural antibiotic man has ever discovered. The remarkable thing is the fact that it was discovered some 2000 years ago. A lot of people probably haven't even heard about Propolis, yet ancient herbal books prescribed Propolis for numerous complaints. The anti-bacterial qualities of this medicine have been known since the beginning of written history.

The use of Propolis in popular medicine goes back to ancient times. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans reported the use of Propolis for its general healing qualities, but especially for the cure of skin abscesses and the treatment of mouth and throat infections, as well as caries. However, it was only in the last 20 years that scientists have been able to prove that Propolis is as effective and important as our ancestors thought…

A new leading product on the market is the Altacura range by ALTA CARE Laboratoires Paris. These cold and flu fighters are 100 per cent natural with the main active ingredient being actually Propolis…

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