Saturday, September 15, 2007

Camel’s Milk and Honey Recommended for Insomnia, Asthma

Camels are at the Heart of Changing Saudi Life
By Mariam Al Hakeem, Gulf News, 9/14/2007

Milk of the camel is another unique feature as it is believed to have many health benefits compared to milk from other animals.

The amount of protein in the camel's milk, for instance, is higher than that in cow's milk. It has been observed that camel breeders or those who live on camel's milk rarely feel sick.

Camel's milk has lower fat levels and is rich in vitamin C compared to that of a cow. The milk is a good source of iron than milk from any other animals.

The non-saturated fatty acids in the camel's milk play a significant role in protecting human cardiac health.

According to anecdotes, mixing camel's milk with honey can help in the digestion process, cure insomnia and help cures asthma and cough…

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