Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Zealand Apitherapy Firm Signs Deal with SE Asian Retailer

Kiwi Bees to Boost Asian Health
By Wayne Timmo, Waikato Times (New Zealand), 9/20/2007

A Te Awamutu bee products company has signed a deal to tap into an Asian health market that could be worth up to $10 million a year in five years.

Manuka Health New Zealand makes a range of bee-derived products, including manuka table honey and health products including propolis, bee pollen and jelly with health and anti-bacterial properties.

Southeast Asian retailer Eu Yan Sang will distribute Manuka Health's products, first in Malaysia then expanding into other Asian countries...

Manuka Health has also set up a research partnership with the University of Dresden to look into methyl glyoxal, the anti-bacterial agent in manuka honey.

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