Saturday, September 22, 2007

Use of Honey in Surgical Wards ‘Highly Recommended’

Honey: Nutritional and Medicinal Value
International Journal of Clinical Practice, Volume 61 Issue 10 Page 1705-1707, October 2007

Summary: Honey is not only used as nutrition but also used in wound healing and as an alternative treatment for clinical conditions ranging from gastrointestinal tract (GIT) problems to ophthalmic conditions.

We did the literature search and found interesting facts about the nutritional and medicinal value of honey. No wonder, it is a good source of nutrition, the results of the studies prove that it also helps in wound healing.

On burns, it has an initial soothing and later rapid healing effects. It has been used as wound barrier against tumour implantation in laparoscopic oncological surgery. No infection has been reported from the application of honey to open wounds. It has a potential therapeutic role in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Based on these facts, the use of honey in the surgical wards is highly recommended and patients about to undergo surgery should ask their surgeons if they could apply honey to their wounds postoperation.

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Anonymous said...

I treated my Mom's bedsores when she was at home in 1998 under the care of Hospice. They thought I was "strange" but honored my request. The honey made her bedsores itch, but they were healing. Too bad she passed away before they completely closed. I visited an apiary farm on Lo9ng Island yesterday and bought a 4 lb. block of beeswax to made skin products. I had skin cancer a few years ago on my legs.

Long Island
New York