Thursday, July 31, 2008

Educational Site Offers Honey Wound Healing Videos, Curriculum

‘Superbugs’ are antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that can cause problems in some hospitals. In this clip, honey researcher Peter Molan and woundcare nurse Julie Betts explain that Manuka honey is particularly good at killing superbugs. But can superbugs become resistant to Manuka honey?

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Honey to Heal
Biotechnology Learning Hub

You may have been spreading honey on your toast for a few years, but people have been using it to treat illnesses for thousands of years! Now honey is being used to make a product that can help wounds heal more quickly.

Information Sheets

How Honey Heals Wounds
Honeybees and Manuka Trees
Processing Manuka Honey
From Bees to Bandages


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Experiment: Making Honey Crystals
Experiment: The Osmotic Effect of Honey
Experiment: The Properties of Honey
Experiment: The Thixotropic Nature of Manuka Honey
Experiment: The Viscosity of Honey
Experiment: How Much Water is in Honey?

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe that any bacteria will ever be able to become resistant to Manuka Honey because Manuka Honey destroys bacteri different than the way antibiotics do. Manuka Honey draws moisture out of bacterial cells, making it impossible for them to survive. I believe that Manuka Honey is the best substance on the face of the planet for killing bacteria on the skin and healing infection.