Monday, July 21, 2008

New Book: A World Without Bees

Is This the End of Hives of Activity?

All over the world, honeybee populations are dying out. No one knows why, but their decline threatens the very way we live and eat

By Robin McKie, The Observer (UK), 7/20/2008

A World Without Bees
Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum
Guardian Books £9.99, pp256

The Buzz About Bees: Biology of a Superorganism
J├╝rgen Tautz
Springer £23, pp284

…The cause of colony collapse disorder (CCD), as this new wildlife affliction is termed, remains unclear. Beekeepers blame the introduction of nicotine-based pesticides such as imidacloprid, while scientists say a virus is probably responsible. However, neither group has gathered sufficient evidence to support their theories unequivocally…

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