Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Manuka, Sidr Honey Kill Bacteria that Cause Sinusitis

Honey May Relieve Sinusitis
China Daily, 3/18/2009

USC University Hospital reports that honey could help reduce chronic sinusitis. An in-vitro lab study conducted at the University of Ottawa found that the “natural germ fighters” in honey can kill off bacteria that cause sinusitis. Researchers tested honey on biofilm substances that contain the sinusitis bacteria, and found that honey was actually more effective at killing the bacteria than traditionally-used antibiotics.

The Director of Pediatric Clinical Research at Penn State, Dr. Ian Paul, commented on this new study: “Bacteria do not grow very well in honey…There is data that honey works well for wounds, in smothering the bacteria that that grow in wounds. So it’s not altogether surprising that honey would be effective in killing these bacteria.”…

If you’re interested in specific types of honey, here are two varieties that the Canadian researchers found to be most powerful against sinusitis: Manuka honey from New Zealand and Sidr honey from Yemen.


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