Friday, March 13, 2009

Up to 70% of Allergy Sufferers See Positive Results with Bee Pollen

If You Sneeze, Have Itchy, Watery Eyes or Allergies, Try Some Bee Pollen
By Heidi Rice, Citizen Telegram (USA), 3/12/2009

RIFLE, COLO. - Everybody likes it when the flowers begin to bloom and the grass begins to get green again. But those with allergies are often miserable when spring rolls around.

There may be some possible relief through bee pollen, according to Blane Colton, owner of Epicurean Honey in Rulison, which collects and sells local bee pollen and honey.

"Commonly among allergies there are two types: Wind-born pollen, which is distributed by air-flow, and insect-gathered," Colton said.

Pollen is the male germ of the plant world and the microscopic grains are capable of fertilizing a plant of its own species. Pollen is the protein, vitamin and mineral source in a bee's diet. Bee pollen differs from the pollen on the anther of a flower in that the bee, in order to carry pollen back to the hive, packs the pollen into small pellets by adding a tiny bit of honey so it will stick together.

Bee pollen contains small quantities of a wind-born pollen which act as inoculants, allowing the allergy sufferer to build up a tolerance. And for allergy sufferers, local pollen is often best in order to address the pollen in the area in which you live.

"Physicians often recommend using local pollen or local honey containing bee pollen to deal with pollen allergies," Colton said. "It builds up a tolerance, but we are no way suggesting that it's a medicine.”

There are a number of ways to ingest bee pollen.

"A lot of people don't like the flavor very much, so I recommend putting (the pollen) in smoothies or sprinkle it on a salad," Colton said.

It's not cheap at $8 per pound. The recommended dosage is about one or two teaspoons a day or less.

But does it work?

"Half of our customers eat the pollen for allergies and about 60 to 70 percent get positive results," Colton said. "It does work for some people and even though it's expensive, it's worth a try."…

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