Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New Book Has Chapter on Apitherapy

Honeybee: Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper
By Cate Hennessey, Chester County Dwell, 3/1/2010

Honeybee: Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper, by C. Marina Marchese. Black Dog and Leventhal: 2009. 256 pages.

...And if economics, culture, and history don’t convince readers to revere the honeybee, add medicine to the list. Marchese dedicates a full chapter to apitherapy, the use of bees and bee products to promote health and healing. Sustainable and all natural, apitherapy provides an environmentally responsible way to “maintain health and harmony within the body.” This had led Marchese to develop a line of all-natural personal care products, and she even includes in the book a recipe for homemade lip balm using beeswax, olive oil, and essential oils.

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