Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Royal Jelly Energy Drink Comes to U.S.

D’Angelo’s Cheetah Power Surge Makes its First Foray into the U.S.

(Vocus) March 2, 2010 -- It’s been a great year at D’Angelo Brands and it’s looking as though 2010 will prove even greater. D’Angelo Brands announced they have just finished signing a landmark distribution deal with the Arizona Beverage Company to distribute Cheetah Power Surge – Caffeine Free Energy Drink in the United States.

“Distribution will start in January with an initial push into five states (California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and New York) and then expand from there,” said Frank D’Angelo, President and CEO of D’Angelo Brands (

Currently available only in Canada, this will be Cheetah’s first distribution deal south of the border, with select distribution deals with other countries in development.
“We’re excited about the prospects of Cheetah Power Surge ( in the United States because it’s a caffeine-free, all-natural energy drink made with Ginkgo Biloba, Royal Jelly and Ginseng. So it complements our portfolio of Iced Tea beverages quite nicely,” says Arizona Beverage’s management...

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