Tuesday, May 01, 2012

‘Apibot’ Used for Pain-Free Bee Venom Therapy

Second Generation Apitherapy: Painless Apitherapy
Apinews, 4/30/2012
Some technological advances combined with clinical research have led to the application of bee venom in a non-invasive manner: This breakthrough led to the Colombian Society of Apitherapy to create a device called Apibot.
...In this case the bee venom is used in a highly concentrated dose presentation of "emulgel" as dosage form, so it is handled exclusively by professionals trained in apitherapy, this emulgel is applied directly to areas of pain or "trigger points" and Apibot thanks to the active ingredients of bee venom gradually permeate the outer layers of the skin, then move to deeper tissues, in this case muscle tissue and/or joint pain…

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