Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bee Venom Therapy Popular in the Philippines

The Sting ‘Jumpstarts’ the Immune System, Believes Its Proponent
By: Anne A. Jambora, Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 22nd, 2012
What stings might be good for you. Really. At least it has been for this crowd that troops all the way to Cavite to have themselves stung—by bees.
Every Wednesday people come to the Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm in Silang, Cavite, lured by the hope and promise of a cure, or just sheer relief, from diseases that have afflicted them.
Stories of people leaving behind their canes or wheelchairs as they walk out the farm travel far and wide.
The bee farm in a 10-hectare sprawl houses about 200 beehives, some of their species imported. Those used for the bee sting therapy (BST) is larger than the local variety, chosen neither for their size, venom volume nor component, but simply because they are easier to pick up and use.
“I do this every Wednesday as a public service,” said Ilog Maria owner/manager Joel Magsaysay.
Magsaysay, who himself administers the live bee sting, said this is his way of giving thanks to God for healing him after a stroke that left his right side paralyzed. This was in 2004.
“I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t walk. I make pee-pee in a bottle. I prayed, He answered, I obeyed. I don’t know how I know what I know but I’ve been doing it for a long, long time,” he said.
He has had the bee farm since the ’70s. He has been administering BST for a long time now, he said, but it was not until he turned it into a public service that it piqued the curiosity of people. Soon enough, they started trickling in.
Like other complementary/alternative healing modes, BST has been practiced for centuries. BST stimulates the body to heal itself, Magsaysay said. It uses bee venom to relieve people of symptoms of their diseases.
“I’ve studied the components of venom, how they affect your adrenals, how they induce your body to produce cortisones… The autoimmune system was designed so that the body can heal itself. The only problem is it’s suppressed because of all the junk we put into our body,” he said.
Everyone must detox so that the immune system becomes responsive. The less toxins there are in your body, he said, the stronger your immune system.
Magsaysay said BST can be tried to address any affliction. The bee is held to a person’s skin until it stings him/her, on the affected area. (BST is not recommended to treat cataracts.)
This will hurt, guaranteed. The skin will become hot and swollen and itchy immediately after the treatment. To some people the process can be really painful. Others walk off the pain for 10-15 minutes, encouraging circulation in the body.
An allergy test to bee venom is the first step done on a person who wants to undergo the BST. Only one bee sting is needed in this process. (A treatment can sometimes use more than 10 bee stings, depending on the condition of the disease.)...

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