Friday, August 24, 2012

Honey Effective Treatment for Infected Wounds in Head and Neck Area

Medical Honey in the Treatment of Wound-Healing Disorders in the Head and Neck Area [Article in German]
HNO, 2012 Aug 19
Already in ancient times honey was used as a drug and for the treatment of wounds. In recent years the different effects of honey on wound-healing processes have been reexamined. Based on this, the antibacterial and fungicidal qualities of honey could be confirmed.
Between January 2009 and July 2011 medical honey was used on 36 patients suffering from different wound-healing disorders in the head and neck area after unsuccessful conventional treatment. The healing process was registered by microbiological investigations, measurements of the wound edges and adequate photo documentation.
Medical honey can be used without problems or detectable side effects on problematic wounds of the head and neck area. Constant treatment leads to fast wound lavation, granulation, reduction of putrid smells and a decrease in inflammation.
In the treatment of poorly healing and infected wounds within the head and neck area, medical honey can be used successfully without problems as an effective alternative to conventional treatment options.

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