Saturday, August 25, 2012

Systemic Use of Propolis Boosts Bone Formation

Systemic Propolis Stimulates New Bone Formation at the Expanded Suture
Angle Orthod, 2012 Aug 20
Objective: To investigate the effects of systemically given propolis on the expanded premaxillary suture in a rat study model.
Materials and Methods: The 24 rats were randomly divided into three groups-only expansion (OE), expansion plus propolis (PRO), and nonexpansion (control) groups. After the 5-day expansion period was completed, the OE and PRO groups underwent 12 days of mechanical retention. At the end of this period, the animals were euthanatized and their pre-maxillae were dissected and fixed. Histomorphometric examination was performed to determine the number of osteoclasts, osteoblasts, and capillaries as well as the intensity of inflammatory cells and amount of new bone formation.
Results: Statistical analysis showed that the intensities of inflammatory cells, number of osteoblasts, and amount of new bone formation were greater in the PRO group than in the other groups. The PRO group also had more osteoclasts and new capillaries.
Conclusion: Systemic use of propolis may hasten new bone formation at the expanded suture in rats.

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