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Apimedica: Therapeutic Properties of Bee Products -蜂产品的疗效:蜂医学

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum
Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China
Ahmed HegaziNational Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egyp)
Therapeutic properties of bee products: Apimedica activities have been take the interest of medical and biologist scientists. Apimedica activities dealing with the honeybee products from natural sources to human nutrition and medical applications. Apitherapy or the medical uses of honeybee products are range from royal jelly to bee venom.
The history of apitherapy (curative activity of bee products) extends back to ancient Egypt, China and Greece. Apimedica (the term comes from the Latin apis, which means "bee", medica means medicine) or bee doctor or bee therapy. Thus the uses of apimedica reflected on natural sources to human nutrition and medical applications. It had been well documented in traditional medicine since more than one thousand years. It was used by the ancient Egyptians and china.
In the old and New Testament of The Holy Bible points to the bees and their products for more than 40 times. Habakkuk: 43 mentioned the honey as a gift. While Prophet Soliman used honey and asked people to use it. Where the Holy Koran has a long Surah (chapter) with the name of bees (No. 16, Surah Al Nahl). The God Says “God inspired bees to live in mountains, trees and that they construct. Then eat from fruits and follow the ways of the God. Hence comes out of their bellies, syrup of different hues, in which there are cure for people. In this there is a proof for those who think deeply.”
The Prophet Mohammed mentioned 23 Hadith. He described the believers like bees and he prefers honey as a food. He was took honey as a gift from King of Egypt. Also he recommended that peoples not killed bees because they have a great role in the agriculture, medicine and nutrition.
Recently apimedica had well documented for treating systemic immune diseases, auto-immune system disorders, allergy, viral diseases and organic-specific inflammatory diseases, prostate problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.
Corresponding author,
Ahmed Hegazi(埃及)(National Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt
蜂医学已经引起医学研究者和生物学家的广泛关注。蜂疗主要是把源自天然的蜂产品应用于人类营养 和医疗保健事业中。蜂疗或蜂医学涉及从王浆到蜂毒等各种蜂产品。蜂疗(蜂产品的治疗性作用)的应用 历史可以追溯到古埃及、中国及古希腊。蜂医学(Apimedica)一词是拉丁语的apis(意为蜜蜂)同英文medica(意为医学)两个单词的组合,因此使用蜂医学这一概念反应了蜜蜂这一宝贵天然资源同人类营养学及医 实践之间的重要联系。特别是在古埃及和中国,传统医学中已将其应用了千年之久。经新旧约书中提到蜂蜜及蜂产品的地方超过40 次。旧约哈巴谷书43 次提到蜂蜜是一种礼物。而先 苏莱曼使用蜂蜜,也让人们使用它。同时可兰经中有一整章内容是以蜜蜂的名字命名的(16 章,蜜蜂,奈哈勒)。古兰经16 68-69 节记载,你可以筑房在山上和树上,以及人们所建造的蜂房里。然后,你从每种果实上吃一点,并驯服地遵循你的主的道路。将有一种颜色不同,而可以治病的饮料,从它的腹中吐 出来;对于能思维的民众,此中确有一种迹象。在圣训(默罕默德言行录,古兰经的补充)一书中,先知 默罕默德曾23 次提到蜜蜂。他也描述了喜爱蜜蜂的摩门,同时他也喜爱将蜂蜜作为食物。他曾将蜂蜜作为 献埃及王的礼物。同时他也建议人们不要伤害蜜蜂,因为蜜蜂在农业、医药、营养方面具有重要作用。最近有很多研究都报道了利用蜂医学治疗系统性免疫疾病、自身免疫失调症、过敏、病毒性疾病及组 织特异性炎症、前列腺疾病、慢性疲劳综合症、关节炎、慢性疼痛、多发性硬化、心血管疾病及癌症。

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