Saturday, January 05, 2013

Dr. Weil: Can Honey Heal?

Q: I have been reading about the benefits of raw manuka honey being used both internally and externally. What is your take on this? Is thisthe best type of honey for medicinal purposes? 
A: Honey is an ancient remedy that can help heal many kinds of wounds, including some serious ones that don't respond well to conventional treatments. Part of the reason honey may work so well is due to an enzyme added by bees. This natural compound results in the formation of small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, an effective germicide against many bacteria that cause wound infections. Some types of honey, particularly manuka, from New Zealand, have additional components with antibacterial effects that make them much more potent than other varieties. Manuka honey has been reported to inhibit more than 80 species of bacteria, but exactly how it does this isn't fully understood…

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