Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Canadian Organic Company Buzzing Over Bee Venom Possibility

Bee venom is like gold for an Island beekeeper.
Apotoxin, the substance that causes a bee sting to swell is the latest thing in anti-aging creams.
It's more valuable, gram-forgram than gold, and is said to be as effective as botox for erasing wrinkles and lines.
Parksville entrepreneurs Alex Fras and Kelly Forrest developed a proprietary system to produce a superior product, fetching a higher price.
The product should not to be used by anyone with an allergy to bee stings.
Their company, Bee U Organics, sells their product online around the world, for the princely sum of $400 a gram.
"It's 10 times more valuable than gold," said Fras.
Apotoxin is extracted then put with other ingredients to make a facial cream. A jar of the cream sells online for $89. Adherents say they feel their facial skin tightening when they apply a mask, and this reduces the aging effects of lines and wrinkles…

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