Saturday, August 03, 2013

MS Patient Finds Relief With Bee Venom Therapy

Barbara Arnold estimates she has been stung by bees at least 24,000 times.
She did so willingly.
Article Tab: Christie Clingenpeel applies 30 bee stings on Barbara Arnold's back. For the past 12 years Barbara Arnold uses bee venom to treat her multiple sclerosis. Her treatment consists of 30 bee stings twice a week, and about 2,880 bee stings for the year. Arnold says she doesn't feel the bee stings on her back.
Arnold lives with multiple sclerosis, or MS as it is commonly called, a debilitating and incurable disease that affects a person's central nervous system.
The bee stings, she believes, slow the progress of her disease.
The 73-year-old Irvine resident is among a small number of patients living with MS or other ailments who practice bee venom therapy, a controversial alternative treatment that is dismissed by mainstream doctors…

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