Thursday, August 15, 2013

Royal Jelly is Little-Known Superfood

Eat Like a Queen – Live Longer
Guardian Express, 8/11/2013
What does a queen eat?  One would assume high quality, specially prepared foods spread out in several courses served up with care on fine silver platters with attendants clearing away unwanted fare only to bring the next delicious item.  In the case of bees, however, the queen eats a white amazingly nutritious substance known as Royal Jelly which lengthens her life span exponentially compared to regular ‘worker bees.’  You too can eat like the queen bee and live longer.
Perhaps the least known and understood superfood on the planet is the queen bee’s royal jelly.  The origin of the queen bee is fascinating, as she is absolutely identical until ingesting the magical jelly.  She then eats the royal food for the first three days after hatching, forever changing her.  Only the bee chosen to be the queen feeds on royal jelly and eats it for the duration her life.  The rest of the bees eat honey and pollen.  A queen bee lives anywhere from 3-5 years where regular worker bees live only about 3 months…

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