Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bee Venom Used to Treat Pneumonia

Tell me about bee venom.

Chicago Tribune, 3/9/2016

"Bee venom is good for people who suffer from arthritis. I'm seeing quite a few people from this area who have Lyme disease. It takes about two years, but bee venom will cure people who have Lyme disease. We sting for lots of things. Dirk had shingles and it was horrible. I would just take the stinger out of the bee and bounce it where he was ready to erupt and it wouldn't happen in that spot. Bee venom is magical."

You're telling me there are people who allow your bees to sting them?

"Last year, there was a lady with pneumonia. We went up into the bathroom and I stung her 30 times on each lung. There were bees flying all around that little bathroom. See, you grab the bees with this tweezers-like tool, remove them from this plastic container, and place the bee on the person's arm or wherever."

In helping the lady with pneumonia, 60 of your girls bit the dust.

"Yes, a honey bee dies once it stings someone. I try to use the foragers — bees near the ends of their lives."

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