Monday, March 28, 2016

Honey Decreases Pain, Odor in Wounds

A Comparative Study of Honey and Phenytoin Dressings for Chronic Wounds

Indian J Surg. 2015 Dec;77(Suppl 3):1209-13

Chronic wounds are a common problem faced by health care professionals, both in the community and in the hospital setting. The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of honey and phenytoin with respect to the process of wound healing, eradication of infection, pain relief and hospital stay. The study included 150 patients, 3 groups of 50 each (group A, honey dressing; group B, phenytoin dressing; group C, saline dressing).

The appearance of granulation tissue was faster with significant wound area reduction after 3 weeks in groups A and B compared to group C. Eradication of infection was evident earlier in the honey- and phenytoin-treated groups along with significant pain relief as compared to that of group C. The outcomes of the use of honey and phenytoin as wound dressings are beneficial and comparable. Honey provides quicker pain relief and removes malodour more effectively.

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