Thursday, March 03, 2016

Radioactivity in Honey of the Central Italy

Food Chem. 2016 Jul 1;202:349-55

Natural radionuclides and (137)Cs in twenty seven honeys produced in a region of the Central Italy were determined by alpha ((235)U, (238)U, (210)Po, (232)Th and (228)Th) and gamma spectrometry ((137)Cs, (40)K, (226)Ra and (228)Ra).

The study was carried out in order to estimate the background levels of natural ((40)K, (238)U and (232)Th and their progeny) and artificial radionuclides ((137)Cs) in various honey samples, as well as to compile a data base for radioactivity levels in that region. (40)K showed a mean activity of 28.1±23.0Bqkg(-1) with a range of 7.28-101Bqkg(-1). The mean of (210)Po activity resulted 0.40±0.46Bqkg(-1) with a range of 0.03-1.98Bqkg(-1). The mean of (238)U activity resulted 0.020±0.010Bqkg(-1). (226)Ra and (228)Ra resulted always <0 .34="" 0.002-5.13="" account="" adults="" all="" always="" and="" children="" committed="" doses="" due="" effective="" exposure="" for="" from="" h="" honey="" in="" infants="" ingestion="" italy.="" natural="" nbsp="" o="" of="" p="" qkg="" radiation="" respectively="" resulted="" s="" samples.="" the="" to="" were="">
The honeys produced in Central Italy were of good quality in relation to the studied parameters, confirming the general image of a genuine and healthy food associated to this traditional products.

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