Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Montreal Apitherapy Conference May 5-9

From May 05 to May 09, 2016, at the Concordia University of Montreal

10 Reasons why you should go to the Montreal Apitherapy Conference:

1. To participate into the first Apitherapy Conference following the creation of the Canadian Apitherapy Association.
2. To get the most out of your Canadian Apitherapy Association Membership, become a member or get involved in our work groups.
3. To understand the connections between apitherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative medicines.
4. To attend the largest Apitherapy Conference to date in Canada held in both french and english.
​5. To attend a congress led by the most renowned apitherapy doctor in Europe: Dr Stefan Stangaciu.
6. To learn cutting edge methods using bee products in everyday life.
7. To access a professional network: newsletter, forum and more.
8. To understand how we can help bees, biodiversity and organic farming through ensuring a high level of quality bee products for apitherapy across Canada.
9. To visit, shop or become a vendor in our 5 days Api-Expo.
10. To be a pioneer in the establishment of a new alternative medicine in Canada, a promise for faster healing of certain diseases.

Our Speakers:

Dr Stefan Stangaciu

Marie-Pierre Fortier

Adrien Thibault

Yann Loranger

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