Friday, April 22, 2016

NPR Podcast: How to Use Products of the Bee Hive for Healing

NPR, 4/14/2016

You may not think of bees as domestic animals, but any beekeeper would set you straight. Bees range far and wide when they forage for nectar and pollen, but they return home to the bee hive. Products of the hive have long been used for healing.

Healing with Products of the Bee Hive: We get updates on bee venom therapy, also known as apipuncture. We hear how bee stings can be used to ease the hard-to-treat pain of post-herpetic neuralgia. Our guest experts also describe how to use other products of the bee hive such as honey, propolis and royal jelly from the complementary perspectives of a physician and a beekeeper.

This Week's Guests: Andrew Kochan, MD, practices physical medicine, rehabilitation and prolotherapy in Los Angeles. He is director of the Institute for Healing Arts Research and past president of the American Apitherapy Society.

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