Thursday, April 14, 2016

Raw Honey — A Holistic Pet Treatment

The Alternative Daily, 4/8/2016

Raw honey not only tastes great, but it has many medicinal benefits for humans and animals. The topical application is just as useful as ingesting it — and your pets love it too...

Canine allergies

If your dog is scratching or suffers from frequent ear infections, he may suffer from allergies. You can alleviate allergic symptoms by giving your dog small amounts of raw honey daily. Rodale’s Organic Life recommends giving small dogs a few drops a day and working up to one-quarter of a teaspoon, while starting large dogs at one-quarter of a teaspoon and working up to a teaspoon per day. For best results, use local raw honey, as this honey contains pollen spores that may affect your pet. Slowly introducing the honey to your dog may help build up immunity to the irritant.

While raw honey may alleviate the symptoms, there may still be underlying allergies, so visit the vet to determine the cause. Common canine allergies include reactions to food, fleas and pollen.

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