Friday, October 06, 2017

Honey Better than Phenytoin for Healing Episiotomy Wounds

Comparison of honey and phenytoin (PHT) cream effects on intensity of pain and episiotomy wound healing in nulliparous women

J Complement Integr Med. 2017 Oct 5


This study investigates and compares the effect of phenytoin and honey cream on intensity of pain and episiotomy wound healing in nulliparous women.


This research was conducted by double-blinded randomized clinical trial method on 120 nulliparous women in three groups of phenytoin, honey and placebo. After delivery and episiotomy, mothers used a knuckle of the prescribed creams on their episiotomy area, every night until 10-night. Evaluation of wound healing using REEDA scale and pain intensity with numerical rating scale of pain took place within the first 24 h and after 7 and 14 days of delivery.


Results showed significant differences between healing scores of the three groups for the seventh day after delivery. Healing score in the honey group was lower than that in placebo group. On the fourteenth day after delivery, the healing scores showed no significant differences between the three groups. Measuring pain intensity did not show any significant difference in the three groups after 7 and 14 days of delivery.


Both honey and phenytoin led to episiotomy wound healing; however, honey caused the wound healing better than the phenytoin. Honey and phenytoin did not reduce episiotomy pain.

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