Saturday, October 14, 2017

VIDEO: Gerard Butler Almost Had A Fatal Overdose...Of Bee Venom

By James McClure  |  Oct 13, 2017 

Gerard Butler is lucky to be alive after nearly suffering a fatal overdose...of bee venom. No, the Scottish actor wasn't partying too hard near an apiary when he decided to shoot up with stingers. He turned to venom to cope with the strain of working on the set of 'Geostorm,' which opens next weekend.

"I had a lot of inflammation," Butler told Seth Meyers yesterday. "I was hanging a lot on wires in this 65 pound space suit, and that's fine for a couple hours, but after five weeks, you're hurting."

So he turned to his nutritionist, who recommended taking bee venom, which supposedly has anti-inflammatory compounds that could've helped Butler battle through the gruelling shoot if it'd been injected properly. But the bee-venom dealer that he flew in wasn't very good at his job. And yes, Butler realizes how sketchy this whole situation sounds in retrospect...

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