Tuesday, October 24, 2006

APIMEDICA Presentation: The Antioxidant Properties of a New Non-Alcoholic Water-Soluble Propolis (WEEP)

APIMEDICA 2006, October 14, 2006, Athens, Greece
Presenter: Sung-Kee Jo, Ill-Yun Jeong, Uhee Jung, Radiation Biotechnology Team,
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Daejeon, KOREA; Seoul Propolis Co.

Summary Points:

* The Processing of WEEP

1st Step:

Ethanol-extracted propolis (EEP) - extracted with 80% ethanol from raw propolis material.

2nd Step:

Non-alcoholic water-soluble propolis (WEEP) - produced from EEP by pH adjustment

* Conclusions:

1. Non-alcoholic water-soluble propolis (WEEP) was prepared by pH adjustment processing of EEP.
2. WEEP showed hydroxyl radical scavenging activity.
3. Although WEEP itself showed lower DPPH radical scavenging activity compared with EEP, reduction of WEEP with HCl mostly recovered the activity (to 74% of EEP).
4. WEEP showed comparable or similar in vivo antioxidant activities to EEP in mice, such as reduction of lipid peroxidation in CCl4-treated mice enhancement of survival and regeneration of bone-marrow stem cells (hematopoietic cells) in irradiated mice reduction of oxidative DNA damage in irradiated mice.
5. WEEP showed some trends to reduce the exercise-induced oxidative stress in a clinical study.

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