Monday, October 09, 2006

Turkish Beekeepers Want Sermon Against Fake Honey

Imams needs to brief consumers against fake honey so that they are more aware of what they eat, says Giresun Beekeepers Union president
Turkish Daily News, 10/9/2006

Giresun Beekeepers Union President Kubilay Elevli said over the weekend that consumers should be warned against fake honey, asking imam's to brief the public on the matter in Friday sermons.

He said a tip off had recently led gendarmerie to seize three tons of fake honey in the Ke┼čap region of the province, with the union sending samples of it to the Giresun Agriculture Bureau laboratories.

“After we receive the test results, we will file complaints against these people who have no compunction against jeopardizing public health,” he said.

He said during Ramadan, some sold honey outside of mosques, adding, “Most are fasting so they can't taste the honey. We know most of this fake honey is made of glucose…

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