Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Honey Used to Treat Bedsores

The Latest Buzz On Honey
By Nancy Krcek Allen, The Record-Eagle (USA), 10/2/2006

After visiting Sharon and Kirk Jones and their beekeeping operation, Sleeping Bear Apiaries, in Benzie County, you might change the saying to "busy as a beekeeper." It's likely that their heavenly Star Thistle honey is what keeps them and their bees going strong…

An herbalist and former nurse, Sharon sings the praises of bees and their generosity.

"Honey has so many amazing properties," she said. "When I graduated from nursing in 1972, I worked in a nursing home where they used honey to heal bedsores. Honey not only stimulates granulation of a wound, the darker it is, the higher its antiseptic and antibiotic activity…

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